Q:What kind of the cell phone that MarSoar Glide support

A:It is compatible with Iphone, HuaWei(most of it), Samsung,XiaoMi, ViVo, OPPO. And the Android Open Source Project Smart Phone.

Q:Can MarSoar Glide support Action Camera?

A:Yes, but you need buy Action Camera Adapter yourself.

Q:Why the motor getting heat?

A:Because it is not be balanced before turn it on. Please balance it to horizontal.The Vertical mode will cause it because the center is different with Normal mode.

Q:Restart the firmware after upgrade successfully

A:Re-attempt the upgrade.

Q:How to change the paired smart phone.

A:Disconnect with the paired one and link to the new one.(IOS you should forget the device in the system settings)

Q:Can I see battery percentage on APP


Q:How many of camera move points of timelapse .

A:There are two now, will add more later on.

Q:Can I shot panorama sequence in Vertical mode.


Q:Why IOS Zoom effect is better than Android

A:It is caused by Android.

Q:What should We pay attention to when calibration.

A:During the Gimbal calibration process, it is necessary to ensure that the level of the calibration level is correct and that the gimbal is stationary during the calibration process.

Q:The IOS system APP connects the device to prompt pairing. Is it normal for the Gimbal to be powered off after clicking Cancel?

A:Normal, this is a protection mechanism for the system.

Q:Can the Gimbal control the system camera?

A:Yes, but the way is different with IOS and Andriod
If you need to use the system camera, you need to disconnect the APP Bluetooth connection, and then connect to Bluetooth in the phone system settings to use the system camera.
IOS can use the system camera directly as long as the Bluetooth is connected to the APP.

Q:Why is the power indicator turned off, the mode light is always on, and the Gimbal stops running?

A:Triggered overcurrent protection or temperature protection,you need adjust the phone and restart the gimbal.